Guidelines for adding documents and support material

When you apply you may need to attach documents to meet the eligibility criteria for the fund.

You may also add other information to support the answers you have provided in your application. What support material is appropriate will depend on your artform and the type of activity you are proposing.

Ways to add documents and support material

You can add documents and support material to you application on the 'Attachment' or 'Support Material' tab of your application form. 

  • Documents must be uploaded as attached files.
  • Artistic material should be proved as a web-link when possible.
  • If your support material is not available in electronic format you can choose to submit it in hard copy.

Upload attachment

Documents which are required to meet the eligibility criteria of the fund must be uploaded as an attached file.

  • You can upload the following file formats: .pdf or .doc or .docx (Word), .xls or .xlsx (Excel), .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .txt.
    (Note that music, video and other file formats can only be provided via a web-link).
  • The file name cannot include any special characters (e.g. #, & or *).
  • The maximum file size you can upload is 10 MB.
  • Your application should not have more than five attached documents in total.


The preferred method for supplying artistic support material is a web-link (URL) to where your support material may be viewed or heard.

  • The URL needs to be a direct link to where your material can be viewed or played online and must not require further navigation, or for a file to be downloaded.
    Support material that does not meet these guidelines will not be assessed. This includes documents provided as web-links to Google Docs or Drop-box.
  • If the URL requires a password to access, make sure you include the password in the ‘Name/description’ field or the body of your application.
  • Be sure to regularly check that the URLs you provided are working throughout the assessment period, as we take no responsibility if the link does not work.

Documents required to meet eligibility criteria must be attached (see above).

Send hard copy to Creative New Zealand

If your support material is not available online or in one of the file formats listed above then you can choose to submit it in hard copy.

  • Add all hardcopy support material to the ‘Application’ or ‘Support Material’ tab of the online application form before submitting. We will not accept any other hard copy support material.
  • Provide the number of hard copies specified in the application form.
  • Note that hard copies of support material will not be returned to you.
  • Your hard copy support material must arrive at Creative New Zealand’s Auckland or Wellington office within three working days of the closing date and be accompanied by the coversheet (this is printable from the ‘Attachments’ or ‘Support Material’ tab of the online application form)

General guidelines

Letters of support

You can attach up to three letters of support for your application. Letters of support must be recent and specific to the project you are applying for rather than general support for you as an artist. Where possible letters of support should be combined into one PDF or Word file.

Letters of invitation, confirmation or availability may also be required for specific activities or as a requirement for certain funding programmes.

Guidelines for specific artforms and activity types

Community arts
Provide support material including:
  • Web-links to images, videos or other documentation
  • Letters from peers, experts or communities endorsing the quality of previous projects.
Provide visual support material including:
  • Web-links to exhibition catalogues or videos
  • Web-links to images.
Provide a ten minute video of recent or relevant work, preferably online via a web-link. This should include at least one unedited section of ‘live’ footage from performance and rehearsal. Footage that is under-lit, poorly shot or over-edited will limit appreciation of your work.
Attach a contents list with:
  • the name and duration of each work
  • the names of the choreographer, dancers and composer.
Refer to the notes on all relevant artforms in this section.
Writing grants:
  • Attach 8 to 10 pages of the work you are proposing (that is, the work for which you are applying for funding, not a previous piece of writing). This sample is an indication of the work you are proposing and will not be assessed as a finished piece of writing.
Children’s illustration grants:
  • Attach up to three sample illustrations, with some accompanying text where appropriate.
Publishing subsidies:
  • If you have not successfully delivered on three projects, supported by publishing subsidies from us, in the last five years you must:
    • attach a full manuscript of the work or a full set of page proofs
    • attach evidence of previous critical and sales success, eg reviews of previous publications.
Multidisciplinary arts festivals
You must attach a completed multi-disciplinary arts festival budget template along with the previous festival programme and any images or text supporting the proposed festival programme.
Recording grants:
  • Provide a web link to up to 10 minutes of listening material. It may also be useful to attach scores or lead sheets in your application.
Commissions and new work:
  • If you are providing an audio sample as evidence of musical direction it must be up to five minutes of the work you are proposing, not a previous completed piece of work. This sample is indicative only and will not be assessed as a finished piece of composition. The audio sample might include a section from the work or key musical ideas that will be developed in the work. You may also include a written or graphical representation of your work, eg scores, lead sheets or a written description.
  • If the first performance of the new work will be overseas the composer must provide written evidence that the overseas party has agreed to present the work, eg a letter or email from the overseas performer, ensemble or arts organisation.
Projects involving new technologies:
  • Provide a web link to samples of previous work in relevant formats.
Ngā toi Maori
Writing grants (in English or te reo Māori):
  • Attach 8 to 10 pages of written work.
Publishing subsidies:
  • Attach the complete manuscript.
Recording projects (in English or te reo Māori):
  • Provide a web link to good quality demo recordings.
For a new script or to devise a new production:
  • Attach a two-page synopsis of the intended story, and/or
  • up to 10 pages of an extract or treatment demonstrating the nature and quality of the intended work.
For a script-based production:
  • Attach the latest draft of the full script.
For a production based on a devised process:
  • Attach a two-page synopsis of the intended story, and/or
  • up to 10 pages of an extract or treatment that demonstrates the nature and quality of the intended production.
For a tour or remount of a performing arts production:
  • Attach a script, or provide a web-link to a video extract of at least five minutes, from the work to be remounted.
  • Attach marketing material.
  • Attach reviews or other critical reaction to a previous production (no more than five pages).
Visual arts
Provide visual support material including:
  • Web-links to exhibition catalogues or videos
  • Web-links to images.