Submit your application


  • You cannot submit your application after 5:00:00 pm NZ time on the funding round closing date so don't be late.
  • All joint applicants need to sign the application before you it can be submitted.


  1. Click 'Validate' to check you have completed and saved all of the information required to submit. 

  2. Click 'Submit' to send us your application.
    A message will pop up to tell you that your application has been successfully submitted.

  3. Click 'Cancel' to return to your Application Dashboard.
    The application will now appear under 'My Submitted Applications'.

Can I edit my application after it has been submitted?

If the funding round is still open and there is at least 30 minutes until the closing time you can email us and ask for your application to be un-submitted

Once your application has been un-submitted you will be able to edit it, but you must re-submit it application before the funding round closes for it to proceed through the assessment and decision making process. 

Can I withdraw a submitted application?

If you want to withdraw a submitted application contact Creative New Zealand.