Activities that are unknown at 20 November

Complete an activity form for each known activity to show the details of your programme for the year. These are activities for which you have a good idea of the details and the nature of the work. We expect that all or most of your activity will fall into this category.

If your organisation does not know the full programme of activity for next year by 20 November then complete one activity form for these unknown activities.

In the commentary field tell us as much as is known about these activities, including when they will be confirmed, and enter the total projected activity statistics.

When you complete your 6 Month Reports you'll add new activity records that include the detail of previously unknown activities.

Touring activities
If your organisation delivers touring activities, please create one activity for each tour, with ‘National’ as the location.
In your projected activity statistic, provide total projections for the whole tour (as opposed to individual location projections).

Additional activity records that show the actual location, date, and attendance activity statistics can be entered at 6-month report time.