Add my financial report

As part of your Project Completion Report you need to provide a budget which includes the actual income and expenditure for the activities funded by Creative New Zealand and shows any changes from your approved budget.

If your approved budget was created as part of your application form click 'View/Edit’ on the 'Budget' tab to open your budget and add the actual income and expenditure.


If your approved budget was created in Excel format and attached as support material to your application, or emailed to Creative New Zealand, you need to add an 'Actual' and 'Variance' column to your approved budget as shown below.

Attach your Actual budget on the 'Attachments' tab of your report.

Expenditure Approved Budget $ Actual $ Variance $
Total Expenditure:
Revenue Approved Budget $ Actual $ Variance $
Total Revenue:

Creative New Zealand reserves the right to require, at its own cost, the financial report to be audited, to set the scope of the audit and to appoint an auditor. The grantee shall do whatever is required to facilitate and assist the audit. We recommend that all grantees retain all receipts on file as evidence for an audit.