Frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to the most commonly asked questions:

What should I do if I get a spinning wheel when saving my application?

If you get a spinning wheel for longer than 60 seconds you should refresh your page or close out of the portal. Keep saving your work regularly to avoid losing work. 

The save button has disappeared - What should I do? 

If the save button has disappeared this means the portal has timed out, or somebody else may be working on the application. If this happens close out of the portal and open it again. 

How do I know if my application been submitted? 

If your application is listed under the 'My Submitted Applications' heading on your Application Dashboard it has been submitted. See View your applications

Why can’t I attach support material? 

If you cannot attach support material to your application or report, check that the files meet all of the following rules:

  • File format > you can attach the following file formats: .pdf .doc .docx (Word) .xls .xlsx (Excel) .png .jpg .jpeg .txt. (note that music, video and other file formats can only be provided via a web-link).
  • File name > the file name cannot include any special characters (e.g. #, & or *).
  • File size > the maximum file size you can upload is 10 MB.

Can I add information or make changes after I have submitted my application?

We cannot add information or make changes to your submitted application for you, but if the funding round is open you can ask us to un-submit your application by emailing

We need to receive your email at least 30 minutes before the round closes and you need to allow enough time to edit, save and re-submit your application before the round closes.

If you do not resubmit your application in time it will not proceed through the assessment process.

How do I invite others to my application?

You can invite others to collaborate on your application from the 'Applicant Details' tab of the application form. See Invite others to join your application 

How do I sign my application?

You sign your application by clicking the 'Sign' button on the 'Sign tab' of your application form. See Sign your application.