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Answers to frequently asked questions about the Resilience Fund 2021-22 are posted on this page. 

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All of the information about how to make an application is on our website here: Resilience Fund 2021/2022

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We are not yet sure about our forecasts for the November – December period. What should we include in our submission?  

We suggest that you re-forecast your budgets based on an assumption that alert level restrictions will affect your activity until the end of January 2022.

If you can’t forecast confidently due to changing alert levels and other factors, then only provide for the known period (e.g. end Oct), or you can provide multiple projections. This might also work for organisations still delivering activity following the 31 October closing date.


What is CNZ’s expectation for royalty payments for cancelled or postponed productions?

Royalties can be treated as a form of artist contract, to be paid out at the level of projected box office income.

While this ultimately depends on the contracts in place between the funded organisation, artist/s and/or playwright/s (or agents acting on behalf of), CNZ expect all Tōtara and Kahikatea organisations to follow industry standards and general best practice relating to fair remuneration of artists and arts practitioners, and this extends to payment of royalties for cancelled or postponed productions.


We don’t have a reserves policy. Do you have a specific formula for use of reserves?

If there is no reserves policy, then reserves should be at the level of three months of operating costs.

This can be considered a guide as to a healthy level of reserves to have. We realise that this will vary from organisation to organisation and you will have different operational realities and equity policies in place.


Can activity that was planned for Oct/Nov but not included in the agreed programme be included in an application?  Or is this viewed as 'new activity'?

If the activity wasn’t included in your agreed programme, it’s considered to be ‘new activity’ and therefore not in scope for this fund. Resilience Funding can only be accessed for activity that’s in your approved programme and budget (i.e. CNZ-funded core programme)


Do companies apply based on their original projected earnings (revenue) or revised projections that have been adjusted for alert levels?

You can apply using your original projections, as long as it is clearly explained. If you have had to adjust your projections, please include this information (for example in your detailed activity budgets). 
6 When calculating income over the affected time period, is it best to pro rata some of the operational income that gets spread across the year (e.g. from sources like CNZ and Foundation North)? Yes, if you pro rata your operational income (also known as fixed revenue), then we recommend that you do this for your projections. It would be helpful to have separate lines for fixed revenue and variable revenue so that we know what is confirmed and what isn't.