Request an extension

If parts of your project are not complete you can request an extension to the date your report is due.

Note that a second extension, an extension once a Default status has been reached or an extension beyond the eligible completion timeframe for a programme is the exception and will require approval by a Creative New Zealand manager. If you are unable to commit to completing your project within a reasonable timeframe you should consider returning the grant and reapplying at a later date. 


  1. Select the 'Commentary' tab of your report.
    Enter the requested report due date and a brief update on the project to date, including why the project has been delayed and the amount of the grant remaining.

  2. Select the 'Attachments' tab to add additional information if required.
    If this is not the first extension request for this report, or if the requested report due date is more than 15 months from when we offered the grant you must attach:
    • ​​a breakdown of all project expenses to date and
    • an updated timeline/project plan.
  3. Click 'SAVE' then click 'REQUEST AN EXTENSION'.

Your extension request will be submitted to Creative New Zealand.

We will contact you by email if further information is needed or to let you know if your extension request has been approved.