Submit a 6 Month Report

6 Month Reports are required for all Tōtara and Kahikatea funded organisations. 6 Month Reports are completed and submitted twice a year, due 31 July and 31 January.


  1. Log in to the Portal.

  2. Click your name in the upper right-hand corner.
    A menu will drop-down. Select 'Report Dashboard'.
    Your Report Dashboard will display the reports that you need to complete and submit to Creative New Zealand.
    enlightenedTIP: If you can not see your organisation's reports, or if you would like another person to be able to see the reports ask Creative New Zealand for access.

  3. Click 'Edit' to open the 6 Month Report.

  4. Complete all parts of the 6 Month Report.
    enlightenedTIP: Click 'Save' regularly to keep your work safe.

    • Commentary
      This section is for you to provide us with some narrative on what you've been up to over the last six months. We use this information to assess your performance against the following criteria: quality, alignment to Creative New Zealand's strategies, financial health, and organisational health.

      Read more about the criteria we use here.
      Please update this information as of 30 June or 31 December by providing commentary using each of the above criteria as headings.

      HOT TIP: To make sure we receive the information we need to make a well-informed assessment, we've created a list of prompts that you can use to respond to the criteria. Refer to the prompts template here and feel free to respond directly to these questions.
      You can upload your response as supporting material in the Attachments tab or enter your response directly into the commentary section (refer to the Attachments section below for more information).
    • Activities
      Add the actual dates and actual activity statistics for all funded activity that took place during the 6-month period.
      Click 'Edit' to edit an approved activity OR click '+Add New Activity' to add a new activity.

      Please note: 
      We may have adjusted the statistics you entered in November to ensure your activities are correctly accounted for in our Annual Report and reporting to the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.  Read our guidance on entering activity statistics here. If something doesn’t look right, get in touch with us at 

      Refer to the guidelines for activity reporting.
  • Budget
    Complete the actual figures for the 6-month period for your organisation’s Statement of Financial Performance and Statement of Financial Position.
    Click 'Edit'.

    Refer to the guidelines for budget reporting.
  • Attachments
    Please make sure you attach board minutes from the reporting period and your responses to our reporting prompts.

    You can also attach information such as performance reports, management reports, organisational planning documents, policies etc. Please be considerate with the additional information you provide. We have a narrow window in which to process these reports and we want to make sure we’re absorbing the most important information and able to provide useful feedback in return.
    Click '+ Add New Attachment'.

    Refer to the guidelines for adding documents and support material.
  1. Click 'Submit'.
    The report will become read-only.