Submit a Goal

If your organisation has Development Goals, these will be listed on your 'Goal Dashboard' along with their due dates.

You must submit your goals by the due date, and you should include progress updates in the commentary of your 6-month reports due 31 July and 31 January each year.


  1. Log in to the Portal.

  2. Click your name in the upper right-hand corner.
    A menu will drop-down. Select 'Goal Dashboard'.
    Your dashboard will display your goals and the milestone dates you need to report by.
    enlightenedTIP: If you cannot see your organisation's goal milestones, or if you would like another person to be able to see the goal milestones, ask Creative New Zealand for access.

  3. Click 'Edit' to open a goal milestone.

  4. On the Commentary tab enter brief commentary (maximum 1500 characters) describing the results you have achieved and other relevant information.
    Click 'Save'.

  5. Select the 'Attachments' tab to add support material, as relevant to the goal milestone.
    Click '+ Add New Attachment' to add each item of support material.
    Refer to the guidelines for adding documents and support material for help.

  6. Click 'Save' then 'Submit'.
    You will return to your Goal Dashboard.