6 Month Report Assessment

Overview of the report assessment process

  1. Organisations submit their 6-month reports
  2. Assessment
  3. Peer review / moderation
  4. Approval of assessment
  5. Communication of results

Assessment criteria for six-monthly reporting

6-month reports are assessed using four criteria:


We will assess whether:
  • The activity was delivered as per the agreed programme and budget submitted in November. Variations are acceptable only if approved in advance by CNZ staff or as a result of Covid-19 impacts. Please provide commentary if this has been the case.
  • Activities were evaluated and met or exceeded your quality measures.
  • Activity statistics (e.g. the number of new works, events, participation and audience figures) were within 10% of projections or higher.

Alignment to Creative New Zealand's strategies

We will assess:
  • For all organisations
    • How your organisation is delivering to its contractual requirements (e.g., Outcome Features, Development Goals if applcable). 
    • How your organisations delivered to Creative New Zealand's commitment to diversity as expressed in our Diversity in the Arts Policy.
  • For non-Māori organisations: How your organisation supported the role of Māori as tangata whenua.
  • For organisations who chose to be assessed as Māori arts: How your organisation delivered to principles of Mātauranga Māori and to Te Hā o Ngā Toi where applicable.
  • For organisations who chose to be assessed as Pacific arts: How your organisation delivered to principles of Kaupapa Pasifika and to The Pacific Arts Strategy where applicable.
  • For organisations in the Tōtara programme: How strongly your organisation contributed to arts sector capability and development.

Financial health

We will assess whether:
  • Your organisation’s projections are comparable and realistic, and its financial position and financial performance is not declining.
  • Your organisation is solvent and a going concern (e.g. you are able to pay your debts as they become due in the normal course of business, and you can expect to continue trading)
  • Your organisation can pay its bills and people in the short term (working capital viability).
  • Your organisation has a healthy net equity surplus (total assets less total liabilities) and its financial performance is not significantly impairing the net equity position.
  •  Has demonstrated sound financial management and planning.

TEOs and their subsidiaries, council-controlled organisations, and organisations receiving less than $75,000 per annum are exempt from this requirement.

Organisational health

We will assess whether:
  • The overall structure of your organisation is "fit for purpose" and enables delivery of programme/services and achievement of its purpose and objectives.
  • Your staff have the skills and experience to deliver their roles well.
  • Your organisation is making progress against its business and strategic plans.
  • Your organisation is well-governed (if it is a trust). We will look at whether the submitted board minutes:
    • demonstrate clear accountabilities,
    • include analysis of financial reporting,
    • demonstrate ongoing risk management.
TEOs and their subsidiaries, council-controlled organisations, and organisations receiving less than $75,000 per annum are exempt from this requirement.

Summary Performance Rating

Each of the four criteria is assessed and awarded a score out of seven.
Your organisation will receive a Summary Performance Rating (Did Not Meet, Met, Exceed) based on the total score out of 28:
Total Score    Summary Performance Rating
0 - 12    Did Not Meet Expectations
13 - 19    Met Expectations
20 - 28    Exceed Expectations

Assessment Scale

7 Excellent - Exceeds all indicators
6 Very good - Satisfies all indicators and exceeds in more than one
5 Good - Satisfies all indicators and exceeds in one
4 Met expectations - Satisfies all indicators
3 Minor reservations - Satisfies most indicators however there are minor reservations
2 Major reservations - Satisfies some indicators however there are major reservations
1 Unacceptable - Does not meet the indicators
0 There is no evidence provided