Add an activity

Complete activity records for each activity proposed for 2023. If your activity is biennial and 2023 is an 'off year' you should enter the details of your first two years of activity and make a note of this in your programme commentary. 

If this is your first time entering activities into the CNZ Portal, or you're not sure what to include, please refer to what activity data do I complete for further guidance.

The following guidelines will help you to complete activity records.
► Quick tips

Quick tips

  1. Fields marked * must be filled in before you can save your activity record.
  2. Each activity must occur within a calendar year.
    If your activity spans more than one year or repeats each year, complete the activity record based on what will happen between 1 January - 31 December.
    Activities taking place in the following years should be outlined in an attachment to your Proposal.

About your Activity

In the first part of the activity record, enter the following information:

  • Name/title*
    Enter the name of the work or a short title for the activity.

  • Brief description*
    Enter a brief description of the activity. E.g. Publishing a novel by <author's name> OR Commissioning a new play OR A series of workshops for emerging artists.

  • Activity type*
    Select one of the following activity types from the drop-down list:
    • Creating or developing a work
    • Exhibiting or performing
    • Publishing
    • Skills development
    • Developing audiences or markets
    • Providing services
    • Researching
    • Recording
    • Documentation, discourse or archiving
    • Organisational development
  • Artform
    ​Select one of the following artforms from the drop-down list:
    • Community arts
    • Craft/object
    • Customary Māori arts
    • Dance
    • Interarts
    • Literature
    • Multidisciplinary arts
    • Music
    • Pacific heritage arts
    • Theatre
    • Visual arts
  • Genre
    If relevant, select a genre from the drop-down list.
  • Strategic outcome*
    Select one of the following strategic outcomes from the drop-down list:
    • New Zealanders participate in the arts
    • High-quality New Zealand art is developed
    • New Zealanders experience high-quality arts
    • New Zealand arts gain international success
    • New Zealand's arts sector is resilient
  • Tags
    Select any of the following that are relevant to the activity:
    • New Zealand Work
    • Māori Work
    • Pacific Work
  • Location*
    Select where the activity will take place. 
    This can be the local territorial authority, an overseas region, online or national. 

  • Start date & End date*
    Use the date picker to select the dates the activity will take place between or type in the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy. 
    If your activity spans multiple years, complete the information based on what will happen between 1 January - 31 December of the first year of funded activity.
    Activities taking place in the following years should be outlined in an attachment to your Proposal.

  • Venue name and capacity
    If your activity is an exhibition or performance, enter the name of the proposed venue(s). If relevant, enter the capacity.

  • Projected Commentary
    Tell us about the proposed activity. What is the activity? Who is involved? What does it involve? What Investment Feature Outcome will this activity deliver to, and how? Who will it benefit? How does it relate to your organisation's strategic direction? If it is a new type of activity for your organisation, we recommend you also include evidence of demand for the activity and your ability to deliver it to a high standard.  

Activity Statistics (Projected)

In the second part of the activity record, enter projected statistics for the activity, based on the best information currently available. 

For a list of activities and their corresponding 'activity type' refer to what activity data do I complete.

Please do not provide statistics that do not correspond to your chosen activity type.