What activity data do I complete?

When you add or report on activities you don't need to fill in all the fields. Read the guidelines below to reduce your workload.

Examples of arts activities
CNZ Activity type & definition
Which activity statistics do you need to complete for this activity?

Creative development workshop for an inter-arts, dance or theatre work

Development showing

Festival commission

Music commission

Writer/visual artist/craft/object /music residency

Creation or development of new writing for publication on a website by commission

Creating or developing artwork - the activity will result in the creation or development of artwork.

# of new works/titles created

# of participants (actively involved in an artistic capacity)

As the main focus of the activity is creation or development, not presentation, attendance projections are not required.

If there is a public exhibition of artworks created during a CNZ-funded residency this must be created as a separate activity.

For premiere productions and exhibitions featuring new NZ work refer to Exhibiting or Performing.

For new works created for online publication you may create one activity and project the total annual projections for the number of new works created for publication on the website and the number of writers who are involved in the creation of this work.

Multi-Disciplinary arts Festivals, refer to examples of an activity form for specific instructions on how to record a ‘Creating or developing art work’ activity.

Attending an international arts market

Marketing and promotional activities

Developing audiences or markets - the activity aims to develop new or existing markets for the arts through strategic investments and partnerships.

# of events

This activity records the amount of domestic or international market/audience development events attended.

If your activity is about outreach, for example a schools tour, artist in schools programme, or series performances to a schools or community audience select ‘Exhibiting or Performing

If your activity is about developing the skills of community groups, students or teachers select ‘Skills Development’.

Online or physical publication of criticism

Essay accompanying an exhibition or performance

Documentary about an artist

Online digital archive or artworks

Talanoa or Wananga to discuss arts practice development (contemporary or heritage arts)

Conference or symposium to discuss the current state of an art form

Documentation, Discourse or Archiving - the activity will result in written, visual and/or auditory material documenting, appraising, reviewing or archiving arts practice.

# of participants (actively involved in an artistic capacity)

For online publications under this activity type you can record engagement using your own online analytics and attach this to your 6 month reports.

For hard copy publications where you wish to report sales or distribution of the publication select the ‘Publishing’ activity type if appropriate.

For events under this activity type the focus of the event is on the development of the art form or area of practice. For events where the goal is the development of artist skills select ‘Skills Development’.

Visual arts or craft/object exhibitions

Music concert

Dance performance

Theatrical performance

Opera performance

Tour of an artistic work

Artist in schools programme

Theatre in education schools tour

Public Programmes 
e.g. a panel discussion or artist talk where the main focus is on increasing/ deepening audience engagement with a work,  exhibition, or aspect of arts practice

Exhibiting or Performing - the activity is the public presentation of an art work.

# of events

# of participants (actively involved in an artistic capacity)

# of experiences - paid / complimentary / free

The ‘Exhibiting and performing’ activity type is designed to record public interaction with art works and public programmes.

This includes presentations in one location and touring of works to multiple locations.

When the exhibition or presentation is the first presentation of new New Zealand work(s) in front of an audience you need to project the number of new works created as a ‘Creating or developing art work’ activity and project the audience and events as an ‘Exhibiting and Performing’ activity.

If you present a season of work you may combine all of the new works created as a result of this season into one ‘Creating or developing art work’ activity.

For tours - an activity for each separate location needs to be entered at 6 month reporting time. 

Multi-Disciplinary arts Festivals refer to examples of an activity form for specific instructions on how to record presentation activity.

If your organisation does not know the full programme of activity for next year by 20 November refer to activities that are unknown on 20th November.

Develop a new strategic plan/audience engagement plan

Refresh the governance function of the organisation

Organisational development - the activity is to develop the capability of the organisation.

You do not need to fill in the activity statistics section.

This is simply a record of an organisational development activity, so no activity statistics are required.

If you are undertaking an activity of this kind as part of the CNZ capability building programme there is no need to enter this into your programme and budget as it will be recorded in the portal when you apply to the capability programme. 

Provide information
this may be online, through print or events




Contract advice

Establishment and maintenance of networks through online or kanohi ki te kanohi engagement

Awards and accolades where the main focus is the recognition of established artists

Providing services - the activity provides services for artists/members/arts groups/organisations

You do not need to fill in the activity statistics section.

While we do not require activity statistics for ‘Providing services’, we expect you to report on the delivery of these activities within your wider 6-month reporting.

You are welcome to collect metrics on these activities and provide these to us in your own format, as an attachment to your 6-month reporting, if this will support you meeting your reporting requirements.

Publish a book under a block publishing grant

Publish a playscript or play series

Artform publication

Magazine or annual

Publication accompanying an exhibition (excluding brochures for promotional purposes)


Audio book

Publishing - the activity is the publication of written and/or illustrated work.

It does not include the printing of promotional material or service information.

# of copies/print run

# of copies of the publication distributed - paid / complimentary / free

For block publishing grants one activity should be created for each title.

Audio recording of a panel discussion or concert for further distribution after the event (e.g. online)

A podcast series

Recording - the activity is the audio, visual and/or electronic recording of artwork.

# of copies

# of copies of the recording distributed - paid / complimentary / free

Research of new business models


Researching - the activity is undertaking research in preparation for creating a work.

# of participants (actively involved in an artistic capacity)





Professional development of artists

Postgraduate study overseas

A summer school

Youth, adult, teacher training


Awards and competitions focused on the development of artists

A panel discussion or artist talk where the main focus is on artist development and/or knowledge sharing

Skills development - the activity is to develop the skills of artists/arts practitioners.

# of participants (actively involved in an artistic capacity)